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What is MDacne? [Full Overview]

MDacne Customized Acne Treatment Kit

Do you struggle with acne? Have you tried other products from dermatologists, spas, and drugstores only to still have persistent pimples? Or perhaps your skin has just recently started acting up, and you want to find a way to clear it fast. Well, if you're here, it's probably because you or someone you know is struggling, and you're hoping MDacne could be the solution. You're in the right place! Below is a full overview of our acne treatment system so you can proceed with confidence!

What is MDacne?

MDacne is a skincare app and product line specializing in customized acne treatment. Our mission at MDacne is to match each customer with the proper acne treatment for their specific skin type and acne condition. How do we do that? Read on!

New customers can get their first set of customized products for free with a 1-month trial. Download the app to get your FREE skin assessment.

How does MDacne work?

The Analysis: For the customized acne treatment system, take a selfie in the MDacne app and instantly receive a full assessment of your acne.

How does it do that? Glad you asked! MDacne is the world's first mobile app that uses image analysis and deep learning techniques to assess acne severity. The app uses special software to analyze your selfie. It has been trained on nearly 1 million photos and can recognize patterns in the picture better than the human eye can! It analyzes the color, size, and number of pimples using a special dermatologist-formulated algorithm to determine acne severity.

The Products: Based on analysis results, we customize an acne treatment kit (treatment cream, cleanser, and moisturizer) tailored to each customer's acne severity, skin type, and acne condition (the type of acne, acne persistence, skin sensitivities, etc.). These products combine the most effective anti-acne medications with natural boosters to heal acne as quickly as possible while minimizing irritation. Because they are personalized to the customer's skin, they're usually much more effective than other acne treatment options.

The App: In addition to the treatment kit, subscribers receive full access to the MDacne app, including;

  • Dermatologist Chat Support: receive *unlimited* chat support from a dermatologist throughout your treatment. Our team will be available to answer any questions or concerns you have.

  • Progress Tracker: track your skin's changes with the selfie progress tracker. Just take a quick selfie daily and watch your skin transform.

  • FREE Ingredient Fine-Tuning: based on how your skin reacts to your initial products, your dermatologist will determine if your treatment needs any fine-tuning to achieve the best results.

What are the ingredients in MDacne products?

While the products in each customer's customized kit vary based on their skin, the key active ingredients of these products are unique, micronized forms of benzoyl peroxide (MDclear™ Benzoyl Peroxide) and/or salicylic acid (MDclear™ SalAc)—depending on the customer. These medical-grade ingredients are combined with active plant-based treatment boosters to enhance efficacy while minimizing irritation in different formulations and potencies. Based on how your skin progresses with these treatments, an MDacne team may recommend other ingredients and therapy fine-tuning (free of an additional charge) to ensure optimal results.

More info: Ingredients used by MDacne

How long does it take to see results with MDacne?

Most MDacne customers felt their skin cleaner and refreshed in just a few days. If used as directed, visible improvement is usually seen after 3-4 weeks, with significant improvement at 8-12 weeks. Once the acne is controlled, results can be maintained long-term with slight adjustments to the treatment program. Customers may then decide to update their maintenance plan to include our Dark Spot Remover to help fade post-acne dark spots more aggressively.

What are the side effects of MDacne?

As with every medical treatment, side effects are possible. Some initial dryness, itchiness, and mild redness are normal and common with every effective form of acne treatment. Not all customers experience these effects, but for those who do, they typically subside within a couple of weeks once the skin gets used to the products and—if needed— with treatment adjustments advised by an MDacne dermatologist or skin specialist.

Can you use MDacne to treat body acne?

Man using MDacne body acne treatment cream

While MDacne customized treatment kits can be used on the body (chest, back, shoulders, etc.), the most effective way to treat body acne is with our Body Acne Duo, available for purchase in the MDacne shop. This includes a specialized Body Cleanser and Body Acne Treatment Cream formulated specifically to treat acne in these areas.

Does MDacne help with post-acne dark spots?

The first step for dark, post-acne spots is to control any active acne to prevent any new spots from forming, which is exactly what MDacne customized acne treatment kits are designed to do. Having said that, MDacne products also include ingredients that help fade dark spots over time.

That being said, the most effective way to treat and prevent dark spots is with our Advanced Dark Spot Remover; this dermatologist-formulated active dark spot remover is packed with the best natural ingredients available to fade acne and sun-induced dark spots (i.e., hyperpigmentation). Based on the gold standard dermatologist-formulated treatment for hyperpigmentation, it combines a-Arbutin and Bearberry, highly effective natural ingredients, with powerful alpha and beta hydroxy acids and natural plant-based boosters to fade post-acne dark spots.

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