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Tips for parents of kids with acne

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Acne can cause much social distress in teens and even interfere with education and dating. There are tons of treatments today to control all kinds of acne, from mild to severe. Here are tips and tricks if you’re a parent of someone with acne.

Know That Acne Is Always Treatable

Many parents think that acne will go away by itself with age. It won’t — the average time for acne to heal by itself is nine years. Studies show that 15% of people with untreated acne will be left with scars.

The First Step Is Learning How To Prevent Breakouts

A lot can be done with minor changes in behavior. If someone’s dealing with acne breakouts, they should avoid headbands, baseball caps, and hair gels (If the acne’s on their forehead), avoid backpacks and too-tight clothing (If the acne’s on their body), and ALWAYS wash their face after sweating and shower (Including washing hair) at least once a day.

Know The Type And Severity Of The Acne

Acne treatment is based on the type and severity. Mild acne can be controlled by the right topical products, while severe acne might need oral medications. Apps like MDacne will help your child determine the type and severity of their acne in seconds and find the proper treatment.

Acne Treatment Can Help Mood Changes

It’s normal for teens to be moody. If your teen’s withdrawn, anxious or depressed, it could be partly due to acne. Acne treatment can improve mood.

The Key To Success In Acne Treatment Is Commitment

Teens are busy with school, social life, and activities. Regardless, teens must always take the time to properly cleanse their faces twice a day — morning and night.

Diet Can Help Or Hurt Acne

Nagging your child about their diet isn’t likely to work, but it’s essential to understand which foods can make acne worse. Teens with acne should avoid cow’s milk, dairy, and whey protein used by teens for bodybuilding.

Teen Girls Need To Use The Right Makeup

Some girls might think that the answer to their acne is heavier makeup, but makeup can frequently make acne worse, resulting in lifelong scars. Parents can help teens choose makeup labeled “oil-free” and “noncomedogenic” — these products won’t clog the pores.

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