The best treatments for body acne

body acne treatment

If you have body acne (Sometimes called Bacne), you should know that it’s common. If you’re bummed about it, we’re here to help! There are tons of steps you can take to first avoid bacne, and then, if you do have it, to get rid of it.

Bacne’s frequently caused by sweat. If you’re sitting for long periods of time a day (Like at school, at your desk), the heat, sweat and friction can cause pimples. One way to reduce these pimples is to try and find a chair to sit in where the lower back area’s ventilated to help your skin breathe. Here are more tips to help you fight bacne.

Whenever you’re working out, try to avoid wearing tight clothes — those keep the sweat in and rub against your skin. Wear workout clothes that wick away the sweat and keep your body cool.

Always shower at least once a day, and definitely shower immediately after breaking a sweat. Staying in your sweaty clothes can irritate the skin and trigger body acne and folliculitis, which is the name for infected hair follicles.

Make sure to pay attention to your bedding. Change your sheets once a week (And while you’re doing laundry, change your pillowcases at least once, if not twice, a week, too!)

Speaking of laundry, make sure you’re always on top of washing your clothes. Items, like your hoodies, can harbor dirt and bacteria. Even if you’re only wearing a hoodie for a short period of time, make sure you wash it — you don’t want any bacteria from it to transfer onto your skin!

If your bacne is severe, you may want to think about using a special anti-bacterial soap and mild anti-acne topicals — something with a low percentage of benzoyl peroxide. This can help you keep your body acne clear, too.

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