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The benefits of Accutane treatment can change your life. It’s the only drug that treats acne at its root and can cure even the most severe cases.

Before you start Accutane, it’s important you know the following:

  1. Pregnancy is an absolute no-no during your Accutane treatment and for three months after.
  2. Don’t take multivitamins while you’re on Accutane — especially vitamin A. Accutane is already high in vitamin A, so taking it with Accutane may lead to an overdose.
  3. Start moisturizing as soon as you begin Accutane. Everybody on Accutane should expect some dryness on the face and the body. Use oil-free sunscreen in the morning and another oil-free moisturizer on your face each night. Use body lotion everywhere else!
  4. You need to drink less alcohol when you are on Accutane.
  5. Your lips are going to get very dry! Use lip balm (With a sunscreen) all the time. Expect chapping of the lips and occasional peeling of the skin surrounding the fingernails. The chipping and/or peeling will disappear by the end of the treatment.
  6. No waxing or laser hair removal (ANYWHERE)!
  7. You need to use sunscreen every. Single. Day. Even in the winter.
  8. Your eyes will feel dry — moisturizing eye drops will help.
  9. Accutane will dry your nose mucosa, so be prepared for some nosebleeds.
  10. Combining blue light for acne with Accutane was proven to reduce flare-ups.
  11. You should also know that a blood count should be performed before starting treatment, as well as at 3 weeks and 8 weeks after the treatment is started. Blood testing will usually include a blood count, liver function tests, lipids profile, CPK and a pregnancy test for women.
  12. People on Accutane should reduce their sports activity because Accutane causes muscle fibers to be more fragile. Intense sports activity can cause rupture of some muscle fibers, resulting in muscle pain. When muscle fiber rupture is massive, it can lead to kidney damage.

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