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It's Official! We Launched Mobile Acne Analysis + Customized Acne Treatment

MDacne Mobile App Launch

Hey! We have H U G E news we want to share with you! We're sure you've noticed our website's new look, but that's not all we're changing in 2018. We just launched the world's first fully-customized acne treatment kit AND our mobile acne analysis (Get it on our app!). Here's some info about our company's launch:

50 million Americans struggle with acne, and only 10% see a Dermatologist. Led by Oded Harth, MDacne's co-founder and CEO, the company wants to democratize acne treatment by providing a more effective and affordable solution to the millions of people struggling with acne.

The platform works as such: Within MDacne's mobile app, the user takes a selfie. The app uses proprietary computer vision technology to assess her/his skin and to provide a full kit of customized anti-acne medications. MDacne's products are formulated by Dermatologists and use FDA-cleared, medical-grade ingredients. The MDacne app is built to support the user through the treatment and assure commitment. Within the MDacne app, MDacne subscribers can chat with a Dermatologist, track their skin's improvement, read free tips to reduce breakouts and more.

MDacne was founded in California by Oded and his father, Yoram Harth. Oded is an accomplished mobile software engineer and computer vision expert with specific expertise in direct-to-consumer applications. Dr. Yoram Harth is world-renowned Dermatologist, former research fellow at the Department of Dermatology at Columbia Presbyterian in New York and winner of the World Street Journal Europe award for his innovations in the treatment of acne.

"Unfortunately, many Dermatologist's office visits in the US are expensive, last an average 5 minutes and frequently result in costly prescriptions that the patient cannot afford," Oded explains. "Most of these visits do not provide enough information on how to prevent and treat acne. Office visits are frequently one-off and lack the much-needed continuous support and follow up, which results in low treatment commitment. Apps like MDacne will be able to collect and analyze, in a split-second, dozens of skin parameters faster and better than any human. I believe that AI and computer vision can revolutionize the way acne is treated and allow highly effective and affordable treatment to millions who struggle with acne."

Dr. Harth explains further, "Most people with acne can't afford a Dermatologist visit and therefore try to treat their acne with randomly chosen, off-the-shelf products. These products can irritate their skin or are simply ineffective. Using the MDacne app, we can provide our users with products that are customized to treat their specific skin type and acne conditions. We believe that personalizing over-the-counter acne medications to a user's unique skin condition will be more efficient and less irritating than current online, TV and retail 'one-size-fits-all' solutions."

Oded concludes by saying, "Our unique combination of powerful AI-based mobile image analysis technology and real-life customized over-the-counter medications will allow faster, more affordable and more effective treatment to millions of people with currently poorly-treated skin disorders, starting with acne."

Wanna know more about us? Email us at We'd love to hear from you!

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