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How to stay positive while fighting acne

stay positive with acne

We know acne can be super stressful, but it’s important to remember that 80% of people have it at some point in their lives. We’re all in this acne fight together! We know breakouts can be a huge bummer — here are some tips to get you through your acne-kicking, awesome life.

Commit To Your Acne Treatment & Be Patient

The most important thing with acne treatment is commitment. We know it can be super frustrating to wait for results, but always use products for 6-8 weeks and track your skin’s improvement as you go. You can use the MDacne app to track your skin’s improvement over time!

Try To Lower Stress

We know how hard this can be — life can be super busy and super crazy. Stress isn’t a direct cause of acne but can worsen it. Try always to get enough sleep and find time in your day to relax. Self-care is important!

Avoid Picking At Your Skin

Are you guilty of picking at your breakouts? We’ve been there. However, scratching or picking at your pimples can lead to scarring and irritate your skin even more. REALLY try not to do it!

Stay Social

When we’re in the middle of a breakout, it’s hard for us to wanna go hang out with friends, but you know what? We all deserve to have fun and be social, regardless of our breakouts! If you tend to avoid people, try to fight it — being around people you love is a fantastic stress reliever.

Speak To A School Counselor Or Therapist

You may benefit from counseling if you’re feeling down and want to talk to someone. Seek out a school counselor you trust. Or a therapist — someone who you can discuss your feelings with. You’re never alone.

Join An Online Acne Support Community

There are lots of people struggling with acne. Our free MDacne app has a great community feature where people can share their feelings, experiences, and solutions for acne.

Remember, You’re Freaking Awesome

It’s easy to be critical of yourself, but try to avoid negative self-talk. You are unique and amazing, and AWESOME. Acne is always treatable, whether with topical products or prescription medication. Consult with your dermatologist if you want to learn more about prescription solutions for acne.

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