How to start treating your teen’s acne

Talk To Teen About Acne

Acne affects more than 80% of teenagers — it’s really common. Teen acne can cause a lot of social distress, reduce self-esteem and even interfere with a young person’s social life and dating.

Acne treatment information on the internet is confusing — and a lot of it is biased. Most of it is generated by commercial companies trying to promote their products. The good thing is that acne can be always treated. Always! If your teen is breaking out, here’s where to start with treatment.

It’s important to learn about acne and understand that it’s possible to improve the skin. Talk to your teen about how treating acne will involve some work and commitment. One objective site to check out is the American Academy of Dermatology website. You can also use our free app — we offer lots of acne-fighting tips and tricks. In our app, your teen can take a quick selfie and we’ll analyze their skin and tell them their skin type. You can download it here

Using The Right Products
Good acne treatment routines will always include a cleanser, anti-acne gel and an oil-free moisturizer. These are important to make sure the acne’s treated effectively without over-drying the skin. In more severe cases of acne, there is a need to add oral medication (Antibiotics like Accutane) or blue light acne therapy.

This is the tough part. To be successful in acne treatment, there’s a need for commitments. Your teen needs to use their anti-acne products twice a day (Morning and night) every single day.

Teens who follow their treatment properly and commit may see some improvement in four to six weeks and will see significant improvement in eight to twelve weeks.

Once there’s a significant improvement, long-term maintenance is needed. Even if the skin looks better, teens with acne need to continue to cleanse their face morning and night and keep an eye on their diet. Teen girls need to always use oil-free makeup.  

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