How to start treating your teen’s acne

Talk To Teen About Acne

Acne affects more than 80% of teenagers — it’s really common. Teen acne can cause a lot of social distress, reduce self-esteem and even interfere with a young person’s social life and dating.  

What the best help for teenage acne? 

Acne treatment information on the web is confusing — and a lot of it is biased. Most of the advice regarding acne medicine for teens Is generated by commercial companies trying to promote their products.  Many parents are confused about the best treatment for their teens.  Should they go to an aesthetician?  A Dermatologist? Should they use benzoyl peroxide for teenage acne? Epiduo? Differin? use MDacne?     

How to start treatment for teenage acne? 

It’s important to learn about acne and understand that it’s possible to improve the skin. Talk to your teen about how treating acne will involve some work and commitment. One objective site to check out is the American Academy of Dermatology website

What are the best acne treatments for teens in 2019? 

Good acne treatment routines will always include a medicated cleanser, anti-acne treatment cream, and an oil-free moisturizer.  Mild to moderate cases of acne can be treated effectively with topical creams as far as these are personalized to the user’s skin.  That being said, “One size fits all” products that can be found in drugstores or online are frequently irritating eth skin or simply ineffective.  The MDacne app allows teens with acne, to take a selfie on their iPhone, and in seconds, get a medical grade assessment of their acne severity. Subscribers will get in a few days, proprietary anti-acne medications personalized to their skin. To achieve the best possible results the app allows 24/7 treatment monitoring on the smartphone, free fine-tuning of the products and unlimited Dermatologist chat support.

Teenager with acne

What are the best medications for teenage acne? 

The best single acne treatment medication for active inflamed teenage acne is benzoyl peroxide. As a gold standard in topical acne treatment, benzoyl peroxide provides the fastest results, without the risk of bacterial resistance that is common for antibiotics. The particular formula of benzoyl peroxide used in leading benzoyl peroxide formulations allows even better efficacy and less skin irritation than regular benzoyl episode and products containing Dalmane (different and Epiduo).

The best ingredients for treatment comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) in teens is salicylic acid.  Salicylic acid is beta-hydroxy acid that is derived from bark and leaves the Willow tree. As it is oil soluble acid its penetrate easily into pores. Salicylic acid is anti-inflammatory (reduces skin redness), keratolytic (helps remove dead skin cells), anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It penetrates the keratin that clogs skin pores, softens them and helps remove and prevent future build-up of new blackheads and whiteheads. By helping to unclog pores and keep pores from clogging in the first place, salicylic acid treats active acne and prevents new outbreaks.

Are home remedies effective for teenage acne? 

Home remedies and natural products sound appealing but unfortunately have very limited value as single anti-acne agents. Having said that recent development in plant-based allowed us to combine naturally derive botanicals with medical grade anti-acne medications.  When these plant-based ingredients are combined with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid these plant the topical acne treatment that once harsh and irritating becomes less irritating and easier to commit to. Check this link for more info on botanical ingredients that are helpful as acne treatment boosters. 

How to commit to your acne treatment when you have teenage acne? 

This is the tough part when dealing with teenage acne. To be successful in acne treatment in teenagers, there’s a need for commitment. To be effective the anti-acne medications should be used twice a day (Morning and night) every single day.  The best acne treatment for teens would be a treatment that they commit to for the long run. 
Technology comes to our rescue again.  A new app like MDacne provides high engaging enhance commitment. In addition to twice daily reminders, the app allows users to take a selfie and see their skin improvement, chat with a Dermatologist about their treatment, get daily tips and more. 

What to expect when your teen start acne treatment? 

Teens who follow their treatment correctly and commit may see some improvement in four to six weeks and will see significant improvement in eight to twelve weeks.
Once there’s a significant improvement, long-term maintenance is needed. Even if the skin looks better, teens with acne need to continue to cleanse their face morning and night and keep an eye on their diet. Teen girls need to always use oil-free makeup.  


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