How to Avoid Breakouts During the Holidays

Holiday skin survival guide 2018

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year! Unfortunately, they can also be a tough time for your body and especially for your skin. Here are some tips to help support your skin and prevent breakouts this holiday season!

The best skincare products to avoid breakouts during the holidays

The best, most effective way to achieve clear, healthy skin is always (no matter what time of year) by using the right products. If you struggle with acne, it’s even more important to find a regimen that’s right for your unique skin type, acne severity, and sensitivities. MDacne customizes a complete acne treatment kit specifically for you to help treat existing breakouts and prevent new pimples from forming.

We believe the combination of medical-grade medications and natural, plant-based boosters in MDacne products are the best way to clear your skin. We’re biased, of course, so no matter what products or system you decide to try, make sure they’re addressing your specific skin concerns and commit to your treatment plan. Effective acne treatment takes time, so be patient and DO NOT hop from product to product expecting a change overnight. If, after 3-4 weeks you are not seeing improvement with your skincare program, then you can consider tweaking or changing to a different system.

Check out, How to treat acne in winter: 2019 skincare guide to learn more about how to effectively treat your skin and combat acne in the winter!

Boost your skincare game with these awesome acne tools & treatments

Special times call for special measures. These tools can be helpful to support clear skin all year round, but may not be logistically (or economically) feasible to do all year round. However, if your skin needs a little extra love during the holidays or if you want to take preventative measures, consider trying these tools!

Gua Sha / Crystal Facial Rolling:

Gua sha and jade roller used to help treat and prevent acne by stimulating lymphatic drainage

In the skincare world, 2018 has really been the year gua sha and crystal facial rolling. You’ve probably seen these tools sprinkled over Instagram and Youtube. Good news: they're more than just pretty. In fact, these tools have been used as a primary part of ancient Chinese beauty rituals used to treat the skin for centuries and work by massaging the face and breaking up stagnant lymph (i.e. built up toxins in the skin). Check out this article from Vogue on Gua Sha to learn more!

LED treatments:

Skin Inc Tri Light LED acne treatment toolLED treatments—specifically blue light, have been proven to help treat and prevent breakouts by killing the acne bacteria. Many spas will offer LED-only treatments at a relatively affordable price ($30-$50/treatment), with best results in 4-10 treatments. While these spas typically use expensive, medical-grade technology, you can also use the power of LED at home.

Though not as strong, tools like the Skin-Inc tri-light can still have a significant impact on the skin with regular use. Consider adding a tool like this to your holiday wish list or gift to yourself to take your topical acne treatments to the next level.


Woman getting a facial to prevent acne breakouts during the holidays

Facials alone are not enough to achieve and maintain clear skin. However, they can be a powerful supplement to your acne treatment plan. Consider giving your skin a boost this season with a facial from a certified aesthetician (we recommend medical skin spas). Make sure to schedule at least a week before any major event as it can take your skin some time to recover.

Food: mitigate the negative side effects of holiday feasts and treats on your skin

Hot cocoa, a wonderful holiday treat can unfortunately spike blood sugar and cause acne breakouts We’re pretty much bombarded with...less than optimal food choices and temptations from Halloween all the way through the New Year. That’s a long time for our body to be combating excess sugar, carbs, and processed foods. However, we are believers in balance! In fact, stressing over food can wreak just as much if not more havoc than the food itself and only intensifies cravings! Our advice? Our advice: don’t “diet” or be super strict on your food during the holidays BUT be mindful of your choices and how certain foods make you feel! Use the 80/20; enjoy the holiday festivities then get back to your healthy diet. Check out, this blog, 7 steps to prevent a breakout after eating too much sugar for some additional tips.

Stress: reduce holiday stress to prevent breakouts

As much as we love the holidays, it’s no secret that they often come with some additional stress, which can show up on our skin as stress has been directly linked to acne breakouts. In fact, 50-80% of the people with acne report a connection between increased emotional stress and worsened acne breakouts. In addition, excess stress can lead to a vicious cycle of poor skin hygiene, less than optimal sleep, and eating less healthy food – all lead to increased risk for more acne breakouts (more on that below!).

Stress Reduction Tips:

Woman meditating to reduce stress during the holidays and support skin health

  • Deep breathing: This may sound cliche, but studies have shown that as little as 6 deep breaths is enough to change your brain chemistry and hormone panel

  • Yoga: Yoga is an awesome stress relieving activity as it combines both deep breathing, exercise, sweat, and moving meditation.

  • Exercise: If yoga isn’t your jam (or even if it is!) building regular, daily exercise into your routine can significantly reduce stress. Even a short walk—or better yet, multiple walks throughout the day—can have a big impact

So there you have it! Your holiday skincare survival guide. With some extra care and attention, you can still have fun and enjoy this time of year without having to pay for it on your skin. And if you do get a breakout or two...don't sweat it! Go back to your list, do what you can to minimize damage and let it go. Happy Holidays to you and yours from us and ours!

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