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Best Cleansers for Acne-Prone Skin

Washing your face is one of the more important steps in your daily acne-fighting routine. Unfortunately, many people with acne-prone skin end up using the wrong kind of cleanser, leading to dried-out skin, flakiness, and new breakouts. Using the wrong cleanser may worsen the condition of people with eczema or rosacea. Choosing the right kind of acne cleanser is essential for every skin routine. It is especially crucial for people with acne and rosacea. Cleansers can come as gels, creams, or in foam form.

6 Benefits of medicated face cleansers:

  1. Remove dead skin cells.
  2. Remove oils and dirt.
  3. Help unclog skin pores.
  4. Promote blood circulation.
  5. Boost skin hydration.
  6. Help with the absorption of skincare.

Should I use a gel cleanser for my acne?

Gel cleansers are usually lightweight cleansers and will leave your skin fresh and clean. They can remove most gel cleansers easily remove light makeup and regular mascara but will usually not be sufficient to remove thicker makeup. Gel-based cleansers are more drying than cream-based cleansers, not the best for people with sensitive skin, dry skin, and acne or rosacea.

Should I use a foam cleanser for my acne?

Like the Cerave foam cleanser, Foam cleansers provide the "foaming" washing experience that some people like. They rinse cleanly but will usually be less hydrating than cream-based cleansers. Foam cleansers are an option for people with oily or combination skin but will not be the best choice for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Should I use a cream cleanser for my acne?

Cream-based cleansers are the best choice for people with acne or rosacea. This cleanser is ideal for people with all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin. Cream cleansers contain, in addition to cleansing agents, hydrating moisturizing compounds that will leave your skin fully hydrated. People with blackheads, whiteheads, and active acne will benefit from medicated cream cleansers with salicylic acid (BHA). Cream cleansers can remove most kinds of makeup, but you may need a separate makeup remover for thicker makeup.

Should I use micellar or liquid makeup removers?

Micellar water is a mix of water and a surfactant chemical. These solutions can be an excellent addition to your skin cleansing routine for people who prefer wiping off their makeup with cotton pads instead of washing it. It's generally best to reduce skin irritation because you don't want to leave cleansing agents on the skin. Dual-phase liquid makeup removers (you must shake before use) are also available.

Are cleansing oils safe for people with acne and acne-prone skin?

Cleansing oils frequently use the first step of double cleansing, followed by foaming or cream cleanser. Unfortunately, double cleansing can be too harsh for people with acne and people with sensitive skin and can damage the skin's natural protective layer. Some cleansing oils can also clog skin pores and cause more acne breakouts.

Should people with acne use cleansing wipes?

Cleansing wipes are an excellent way to cease the skin when water Ans cream clears unavailable. They are a perfect option to remove direst and swat from the skin in the gym, camping, or hiking. For best results, people with acne or rosacea should look for oil-free wipers.

Should people with acne use soaps and bar cleansers?

The short answer is no. Bar soap is too harsh for people to win acne and sanative skin. Some bar soaps (African for black soap) include small ash particles that are especially damaging to the skin's upper layer and cause more acne breakouts, a post-acne dark spot.

What are the advantages of medicated acne cleansers with salicylic acid?

Mild-medicated cleansers with salicylic acid are the best choice for people with acne. Salicylic acid is lipophilic and can penetrate through the sebum-derived lipids into pores. They're the most effective cleansers to unclog pores and reduce skin inflammation. Cleansers with 0.5% salicylic acid will be optimal for most skin types. People with very oily skin or body acne can use a cleanser with 2% salicylic acids.

Best  cleanser for acne infographic

What are the best natural ingredients that are used in acne cleansers?

Green tea extract is an excellent addition to salicylic acid acne cleansers. In addition to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, it was shown to reduce excess oil production in the skin. Green tea contains four significant types of catechins, a variety of polyphenols. Five alpha-reductase enzymes convert testosterone to the more potent dihydrotestosterone (DHT) form responsible for sebum production. A recent large clinical review suggests that 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors in green affect sebum production in the skin and help with oily skin and acne. In another study, volunteers were treated with topical green tea extract. The researchers have reported a significant reduction of the sebum level on their facial skin (about a 27 % decrease from baseline) after 60 days of once-daily application.

Should I use a benzoyl peroxide wash for my acne?

Benzoyl peroxide is the most effective anti-acne topical medication. To be effective, the benzoyl peroxide should stay on the skin for 20 minutes. If washed off the skin in 30 seconds, it does have the time to be effective. Thus, Benzoyl peroxide washes are usually more irritating and less effective than other medicated cleansers and should be used by most acne people.

Best acne cleansers for people with post-acne dark spots and scars

Some premium medicated acne cleansers contain natural boosters and active cleansing ingredients that can further reduce skin redness and dark spots. Examples are licorice and green tea extracts, potent antioxidants that prevent and help fade brown spots, and Vitamins C and E, which help lighten pigmentation, even skin tone, and boost the skin's natural healing. And aloe vera leaf extract helps hydrate and soothe the skin.

Best cleanser for people with acne (face)
Best cleanser for people with body acne and very oily skin

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