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Have dry skin? Remove makeup this way

Dealing with dry skin? We’ve all been there and it's no fun. Dry skin is easily irritated, which can cause redness, flaking, itching, and general discomfort. In women with acne-prone skin, it can also increase the risk of breakouts. Whether your dry skin is caused by changing seasons or over-drying topical products, one thing you can do to improve the situation is to make sure you're removing your makeup correctly—using products that are effective enough to remove any makeup and dirt from the day, but gentle enough on your skin to prevent over-drying.

Here are 4 awesome (and dermatologist approved) ways to remove makeup if you have dry skin. (The best part? They're all available at your local drugstore)

Micellar Water

Wondering WTF micellar water is? You’re not alone — tons of people have never heard of it! Micellar waters cleanse, remove makeup and moisturize your skin — all in one step. These products contain tiny molecules called "micelles" that absorb and remove the dirt and oil out of your skin. Micellar waters are specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin and are soap and alcohol-free. If your skin’s super dry, give micellar water a shot.

Micellar water pulls dirt, excess sebum, and makeup out of your skin, all in one step – and leaves skin slightly moisturized, too! Simply dampen a cotton pad with the stuff and swipe it all over your face to remove makeup and cleanse your skin all in one step.

if you have oily skin, you may want to use a regular face cleanser after using micellar water to remove makeup, just to make sure your skin’s been fully cleansed.)

Mineral Oils

Another good option for women with dry and sensitive skin? Try removing your makeup with mineral oil. These products are cheaper than micellar waters and are generally well-tolerated. They’re awesome for those of us with dry skin who still want to wear makeup (and remove it properly!).

Cleansing Creams

These creams are used by many women for years—especially those with dry skin. Cleansing creams both wash and moisturize the skin at the same time. As with any other cosmetic product, look for non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic products.

Face Wipes

Last but certainly not least—face cleansing wipes! In our opinion, face wipes are the best option for removing your makeup or freshening up after a workout. We love them because they’re easy to use and totally convenient. One thing to look out for — face wipes frequently contain alcohol, which may over dry and irritate sensitive skin. If you do choose to use face wipes to remove your makeup, just make sure to splash some water over your face after your makeup’s totally removed.

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