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Prevent Scars By Treating Your Acne Early

prevent acne scars

Treating acne early can clear the skin, of course…but did you know that treating it fast can also help prevent long-term scars? Here are seven science-backed reasons (Adapted from the American Academy of Dermatology) about treating your acne early to prevent scarring!

Faster Results

Acne treatment takes time, regardless of acne severity. That said, it does take less time and effort to clear a few pimples than a full-on breakout that includes blackheads, whiteheads, and deep-seated acne cysts.

Fewer Scars

In general, the more severe the acne, the more likely it is to leave a scar or dark spot. While severe acne is most likely to leave scars, mild acne can also leave scars when picked — treating acne at the first signs can help prevent someone from developing a habit of picking at their acne.

Stop Lingering Spots After Acne Clears

Anyone with medium-to-dark colored skin may see a dark spot appear when an acne pimple, cyst, or nodule clears. Dermatologists call this post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). People with fair skin may see a red spot where acne once was. These spots can linger for months, and many consider it worse to have these lingering spots than the acne itself. While a good Dark spot remover can help treat these dark spots, it's best to prevent them in the first place!

Prevent Mild Acne From Becoming Severe

Early treatment can prevent a few pimples from progressing to widespread blackheads, whiteheads, and deep, painful acne.

Decrease The Chance You'll Need Strong Medication

When acne becomes severe, medicine is sometimes needed to clear the breakout. These medicines have possible side effects and require close monitoring by a dermatologist. That means more office visits.

Avoid Years Of Acne

Dermatologists now see kids as young as 7 to 12 with acne. Treating acne early and keeping it under control can prevent future breakouts. That can add up to a substantial number of years without acne.

Sidestep Emotional Distress

Studies show that acne can affect a person's emotional well-being. Many say their self-esteem suffered after developing acne. Some people with acne even withdraw from people in their lives. The severity of the acne doesn't seem to matter — acne can hurt self-esteem and relationships, whether one has mild or severe acne.

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