Best treatment for neck acne

acne pimples on the neck

Pimples on the neck is quite common and can be usually prevented and treated with a few simple measures.

What are the causes of pimples (acne) on the neck?

  • Hair touching or rubbing up against your neck
  • Hair that is not washed regularly (washing your hair every day is the best!)
  • Clothing or sports equipment that rubs on yourneck, such as a bra strap, collar or helmet.
  • Necklaces and other jewelry that may come into contact with yourneck, especially those made of plastics, false metal, and some plant-based materials
  • Not washing the neck properly or often enough
  • Not washing the neck after sports
  • Unwashed sweaty clothes in contact with the neck
  • Non-breathable clothing, such as polyester and rayon fabrics that come into contact with the neck
  • In men: a dull razor or lack of a lubricant when shaving the neck.

What is the best treatment for neck acne?

Acne medications that are used on the face are usually too potent for the neck. You can your use your medicated cleanser and the moisturizer on the neck but do not apply your benzoyl peroxide night treatment cream to the sensitive areas on the neck. Some services like MDacne can provide you with specially formulated medications that combines beta hydroxy acids and plant based ingredients to reduce neck acne without over irritating the skin.

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