Benzoyl Peroxide without bleaching

Benzoyl peroxide is the best single anti acne ingredients out there. The new MDacne benzoyl peroxide formulations use a special micro particle benzoyl peroxide and anti-inflammatory ingredients. These special formulations reduce the irritation that was common with old formulations and further improve the efficacy of this great topical treatment.

One adverse effect of benzoyl peroxide (BP) is its effect on fabrics. Using benzoyl peroxide on colored sheets or with colored towels can caused white “bleached streaks “on the cloth.

Here are some tips to decrease the bleaching effects of benzoyl peroxide:

1. Use White Sheets and pillowcases (White cloth is already bleached).

A great time to use products with benzoyl peroxide is before bed. If you don't want to worry about bleaching your sheets and pillowcase either, switch to white ones. White sheets and pillowcases are already bleached.

2. Sleep on a white towel.

If you do not have white pillowcases buy a few cheap white towels and place them under your head. Changing and washing these towels every few days will have more advantages – reducing spread of acne bacteria over your face.

3. Wear white when you apply your anti-acne creams

Old white t shirts are the best choice for the part of your daily routine in which you apply your BP.

4. Use stain resistant fabrics

If you don't want to have to deal with restricting yourself to all-white ensembles, sleeping in old pajamas, or converting to white sheets, look into stain-resistant bedding and towels. This type of fabrics will maintain their colors in the face of benzoyl peroxide.

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