7 acne myths to stop believing

acne myths

There are a ton of misconceptions about acne. We’re taking you through the truth behind these seven common acne myths!

Myth #1: Acne Will Go Away By Itself

The truth: Acne can last for years and years — and not just for young people. There are many adults who suffer from acne, too.

Myth #2: Lack Of Physical Exercise Worsens Acne

The truth: As of today, no clear connection has been found between acne and physical activity.

Myth #3: Acne Is Caused By Eating “Unhealthy Food”

The truth: This is a tough one. In most cases, diet does not exactly cause acne, but there are dermatologists and researchers who believe that eating large quantities of greasy foods and snacks and spicy food can worsen the condition. So, continue being careful with eating greasy foods.

Myth #4: "Strong" Soap Should Be Used To Dry Your Skin

The truth: When you have acne, your skin is generally sensitive and irritated. Washing with strong soap doesn’t help. What does? Being gentle with your skin. You should wash your face with mild soap no more than twice a day.

Myth #5: Extracting Blackheads And Whiteheads Will Prevent Acne.

The truth: While it IS true that extraction of comedos (Aka blackheads) by a professional will prevent the development of some of new blemishes, it’s only a temporary and partial treatment. It’s better to use the right cleanser and moisturizer on your face (And sometimes, if you need it, to take antibiotics) — that’s more effective in preventing acne.

Myth #6: Squeezing Pimples Will Get Rid Of Them

The truth: Squeezing the pimples forces the inflamed sebaceous gland deeper into the skin and increases the risk of scarring. Don’t do it!

Myth #7: Extended Exposure To Sunlight Can Cure Acne.

The truth: While it’s true that monitored exposure to sunlight can improve acne, the improvement will be short-lived. Plus, long-term exposure to the skin can cause irreversible damage.

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