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6 spring skincare tips from dermatologists

Skincare for Spring according to dermatologists

Ahh, the change of seasons! Spring has sprung, and everything everywhere seems to be in bloom. And while we appreciate the warmer days and extra sun, it's super important to make sure we're modifying our skincare routine accordingly. Spring skincare is essential as the weather changes radically from the cold, dry winter months to warm and humid conditions. Whether you're in New York or California, these seasonal changes apply to (almost) all of us! So check out these dermatologist-recommended tips for revamping your spring skincare routine for healthy, glowing, blemish-free skin.

1. Use sun protection (daily!)

Woman using MDacne oil-free sunscreen to prevent breakouts

While sun protection is important all year round, it is essential during the spring. Why? Because our winter skin hasn't seen the sun's rays in months, and now we're soaking up all we can. And while there's certainly benefit to some sun exposure (hello vitamin D!)—and simply enjoying the great outdoors while we can—protection and caution is a must!

Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen daily. Since you care about your skin, you should be doing this already, but on the off chance you're not (you're flossing every day too, right? 😉), now's the time to start. We recommend using an oil-free sunscreen with SPF 30, such as the MDacne Oil-Free Sunscreen (formulated for acne-prone skin). This will help protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, prevent premature signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles), and promote generally healthier skin. If you wear makeup, a great way to reapply sunscreen throughout the day is with a powder or mist applied on top. Here are some of our favorites ways to refresh SPF throughout the day!

2. Swap out your lip balm

Oka,y so this is part sun protection, part moisturization, part acne prevention, but your lips are often overlooked and neglected (so more likely to get damaged!. Therefore, they deserve their own section in this list. Make sure you're applying lip balm regularly with SPF that's also non-comedogenic (i.e., it won't clog pores!) These can be a bit trickier to find and will be slightly pricier than your cheap drugstore chapstick, but worth the small investment. Here are some opticians we like;

3. Tame seasonal allergies

Jade Roller for seasonal allergies

Many of us experience some degree of seasonal allergies (fun!), which can show up on our face (hello runny nose, irritated eyes, and other fun forms of irritation). As a result, we often end up itching, rubbing, and constantly wiping (or until the Claritin and nettle tea kicks in), which can cause irritation, redness, and for us lucky acne-prone folks... breakouts. One way to help soothe these side effects is with a lymphatic face massage. You can do this yourself with a jade roller (pro tip: keep it in the freezer for some extra instant relief) morning and/or night as needed. Or, if you're feeling extra bougie, you can book an appointment for a lymphatic facial.

4. Exfoliate your skin—carefully!

Coming off of the winter months, it can be tempting to scrub away at dry, flaky skin with exfoliating tools and treatments to slough off dead skin cells and revive dull texture. While this may sound a good idea in theory, people with acne-prone skin can actually cause more breakouts if not done correctly and with care. A great way to remove that top layer of skin is with a light chemical peel. We recommend booking an appointment with a dermatologist or licensed esthetician, or—depending on how sensitive your skin is—you can also consider adding a weekly at-home peel to your skincare regimen. Here are some of our faves!

5. Use an eye cream

Eye cream is essential during the sunnier months. Even though we're wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect our skin and eyes (we are, aren't we?) this time of year, we have more of a tendency to squint, which can contribute to the development of fine lines. Though there are lots of great eye creams on the market, these are some cult faves;

6. Spring clean your cosmetics

Clean makeup brushes for clear skin

When doing your annual Marie Kondo, do not neglect your cosmetics bag and medicine cabinet.

  • Toss Old Products: Throw away any skincare products or make-up more than 6 months old. Particularly any oils or serums, which can go rancid more quickly.

  • Clean Your Brushes: Like many of the steps above, you should also be doing this regularly, but now's the time to get onboard truly. First, try to form the habit of cleaning your brushes at least once a month (weekly is best!)

  • Get New Pillowcases: Swap out old pillowcases for new, fresh options, and make sure to wash them weekly (at least!). Also, consider upgrading to a silk option like the Slip pillowcase, which helps protect the skin and hair!

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