What’s the difference between adult acne and acne in teens?

Acne continues into adulthood in 12 to 14 percent of patients, often causing severe psychosocial impairment. In the teenage years, acne is common in both males and females. However, in adulthood, it is mostly women who suffer from acne. In all age groups and genders, acne is associated with psychological impairment. The impairment has been shown to be more significant in adult women with a greater overall effect than in adolescence. After medication, has successfully treated the acne, adult women do not have the same overall improvement in self-esteem as younger patients. Unemployment is 7% higher in adults with acne, adding to the psychosocial impact. Untreated, adult female acne Once present, it is likely to persist into middle age, declining only after age 45.

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