Is slugging good for acne?

Is slugging well for people with acne?

“Slugging” is a popular term for applying thick petrolatum ointments to your skin at the end of a skincare routine. This type of “skincare” was popularized by the producers of Vaseline in the 60s as it was especially trendy among black people. They used Vaseline to moisturize and heal any skin disorder on the scalp, face, and body.

Petrolatum is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes. Petrolatum is not comedogenic when applied to dry skin in small amounts. When used in areas with many sebaceous glands; face, scalp, chest, and upper back, it can clog the skin pores and cause acne breakouts and folliculitis. Petrolatum can be used as a moisturizer for dry skin areas in the body. Petrolatum or any other heavy Vaseline like ointment – should not be used on the face or acne-prone areas on the body; the scalp, chest, and upper back.

What are the supposed benefits of slugging?

Slugging with petrolatum will capture the moisture in the skin and keep it hydrated. It would be great for dry skin on the elbows and feet but should not be used on the face or scalp.

Who is slugging good for?

Slugging can be used by people with dry skin on specific areas of their bodies—mainly hands, elbows, and feet. Petroleum is excellent for softening rough cuticles and soothing dry skin in winter and people with eczema on their bodies.

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