How to get rid of acne fast? Are pimple patches any good?

There is no overnight quick fix for acne. All Acne treatments are expected to produce best results in 3 months. With a good acne treatment like MDacne, most people feel their skin cleaner and more refreshed within the first couple of weeks. If you use the MDacne personlized acne treatment  as indicated, you can expect visible improvement is usually seen after 3-4 weeks with significant improvement at 8-12 weeks. Beware of  acne pimple patches or other spots treatments. Acne patches also called hydrocolloid patchs, which are applied like promise on-the-spot treatment, but freuently don’t deliver what they promise. My long experience with these patches shows that pimple patches and spot treatments may sometimes help with single pimples, but won't help prevent new breakouts  delaying more ffective long term treatment. 
​The best way to clear your acne, is to apply your night treatment cream on the whole area with pimples. If you have one bigger pimple you can apply some more of the night treatment cream on it. Once your acne is under control, we can update your kit for "maintenance mode" to keep your skin clear long term with a more mild treatment kit.

Why you should not use pimple patches?

  1. Pimple patches (hydrocolloid patches) are not a treatment. They are just a band aid, covering the problem and delaying a more effective long-term treatment.
  2. Medicated pimple Patches don’t do anything you can’t do with a bit of benzoyl peroxide gel.
  3. Cover up pimples patches are what they claim to do: is a cover up you cover up what they claim to be a cover. Just one more layer of makeup to conceal a pimple. It’s does nothing to heal pimples—but it can definitely make your acne worse.

Other disadvantages of hydrocolloid pimple patches and medicated pimple patches:
Hydrocolloid pimple patches and medicated pimple patches are very risky to people with sensitive skin. If medicated pimple patches are left for too long on your skin they can irritate the skin and increase the risk for permanent scars. The strong adhesive used on the patches is another common cause for irritation.

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