Microneedle RF for scar treatment

Major positive news for any of us who suffer from post-acne scars. A radio frequency system has proven to be totally effective in the treatment of acne scars. It’s called fractional microneedle radio frequency, and it has been proven an effective and safe tool for depressed acne scars, the kind of scar that’s normally super hard to treat.

What exactly is fractional microneedle radio frequency (Often called Microneedle RF), and how does it work, exactly? Let us explain.

These systems use extra-sharp microneedles that enter and heat the deeper layers of the skin (Called the dermis). The tissue coagulation and heat produced by these needles start a process in which new collagen fills the scars reducing their depth.

The latest generation of microneedle RF systems use non-insulated, gold-plated RF microneedles that reach up to 5 mm into the skin (Intensif, by Endymed Medical). The depth of the treatment provides a significantly higher efficacy than other devices…especially for acne scars. Special built-in electronics allow minimal pain procedure with minimal to no downtime in all skin types. Minimal pain + minimal-to-no downtime? Seriously, this is awesome news for those of us who are frustrated with the marks that acne has left behind!

The Intensif’s smooth, gliding needle insertion motion allows fewer passes per treatment, shorter treatment times and greater patient comfort with no bleeding or bruising. Again, shorter treatment time + greater patient comfort? Yep, that is the best news we have heard all week.

And that’s everything about fractional microneedle radio frequency. Remember, if you’re suffering from acne scars, you’re not alone — they’re common and many times, they’re treatable. We hope this helped you learn something new about fractional microneedle radio frequency from this blog. Here’s our source for this information! Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences, and Applications, 2014,4,212-218. Depressed Acne Scars - Effective, Minimal Downtime Treatment with a Novel Smooth Motion Non-Insulated Microneedle Radiofrequency Technology.

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