How to shave if you have acne

Dealing with an acne breakout and wondering how you should shave — or if you should shave at all ? We’re here for you! We know that shaving with acne can be painful. Nevertheless, shaving is good for you and will help you to clear your skin faster. When the skin is shaved, it can be cleaned more efficiently, and so your anti-acne products will much more effective.

Here are our tips and tricks about the best way to shave when you have an acne breakout.

Always shave after washing your face with hot water — or after a shower. The heat and humidity will soften your beard and reduce irritation. 

For acne-prone skin, shaving with a high-quality razor blade is a way better option than using an electric razor. Electric razors can actually crush the hairs and are harsher and more abrasive to your skin. 

Always shave in one direction — from top to bottom. Shaving in two directions goes against the grain of the beard, and doing that can cause the tips of the hairs to penetrate and wound the skin.

Change your razor blades every 7-10 days. This is better for hygiene, but also makes shaving easier.

Whenever you shave, always use a shave gel. The best shave gels are those made specifically for sensitive skin — check the labels when you’re shopping for one marked for sensitive skin.

Try not to use aftershave lotions too often — some of them can cause allergies.

After you shave, always apply an oil-free sunblock to your skin. The sunblock will protect your skin from the sun, of course, but it’ll also moisturize your skin. A win win.

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